Motorcycle Safety Tips

Stan Loomis is a proMotorcycle Safety Tipsud motorcycle enthusiast, often found cruising through sunny Florida with a smile painted across his face.  While Stan and his wife are all about having a great time traveling around on their bikes, the Loomis’ are well aware of the dangers that come along with owning and riding a motorcycle. Unfortunately, not every motorcycle driver takes the proper precautions while riding. There are many factors that can make riding motorcycles dangerous including other drivers on the road, inclement weather, and faulty equipment. To help keep everyone safe on the road, Stan Loomis provides the following safety tips:

 Safety Tips for motorcycle riders:

  • Always wear a helmet. While laws about helmets vary from state to state, wearing a helmet can reduce crash injuries substantially. Helmets with the DOT label meet federal safety standards.
  • If your helmet does not have a face shield, wear goggles or glasses to protect your vision and help you clearly see the road.
  • Although it’s enjoyable to ride side by side with another biker, this is very dangerous and even illegal in some states. Ride behind or infront of one another, not next to eachother.
  • Invest in good, quality gear. Even if you are an experienced and cautious motorcyclist, accidents happen. When they do, good gear can make all the difference in keeping you protected from serious injury.
  • Use your signals. Avoid any confusion and give everyone else on the road a clear idea of what you are going to do next.
  • Obey speed limits. Speed limits are put up for your safety as well as the safety of others. Even if you feel you are in control at a higher speed, someone else on the road may stop suddenly in front of you or swerve into your lane. While you can’t control other drivers, you can control your own speed.
  • Avoid driving in another driver’s blind spot. It is important for other drivers to be aware of your whereabouts. If they can’t see you, they may accidentally run right into you or cause you to have to swerve away quickly, putting others in danger.
  • Make sure to check your lights, brakes, turn signals, mirrors, and oil before each ride.

Tips for other drivers:

  • Never follow too closely. Bikers often need to swerve to avoid potholes or other obstacles in the road. This does not mean they are driving recklessly, rather that they are being cautious. Always make sure to leave sufficient room between your vehicle and a motorcycle.
  • Always look before changing lanes or taking turns.
  • Use turn signals. As mentioned above, it is important for everyone on the road to know your plan so they can react accordingly.
  • Be aware of inclement weather.  It is always important to be extra careful when weather conditions are less than perfect. It is also important to understand that motorcyclists may have more difficulties in poor weather conditions.
  • Check your blind spots often. Knowing where everybody is on the road around you will prevent any unnecessary incidents of cutting someone off and causing them to swerve dangerously out of the way.
  • Remember we are all sharing the road, be courteous to one another!

 Stan Loomis advises all drivers to be careful on the road.  Accidents can be prevented, so spread the word and make sure to look twice, both for your safety as well as the safety of others!

Vacationing in Cancun, Mexico

Stan Loomis has been an avid traveler all his life. He enjoys going on vacation with his family and exploring the world around him. One of his favorite destinations he has visited is Cancun, Mexico.

Cancun | Stan Loomis

As one of the top vacation destinations throughout all of Mexico, filled to the brim with endless activities to partake in, glorious beaches to spend hours at, and an array of incredible restaurants and nightlife opportunities, it is no wonder why so many people head to Cancun, Mexico year after year. Whether you are traveling as a couple, with a group of friends or with your entire family, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy in Cancun. The following are some ideas on what to fill your days with next time you find yourself in this beautiful resort town:

Explore Chichen Itza

If one of your goals while in Cancun is to get a better feel for its rich history and heritage, then you will not want to miss out on an exploration of Chichen Itza. It serves as a large Mayan archeological site as well as one of the most notable landmarks of the Yucatan.

Dig Your Toes In The Sand

If the beaches of Cancun are not already on your list, then make sure to add them right away. Turquoise waters and soft sand paired with the perfect climate will have you relaxed and soaking up that hot Mexican sun in no time at all. If you want to do more than just that, head into the water and enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and even jet skiing! Head to Playa Delfines to get away from the crowds or enjoy some local company at Playa Tortugas.

Have Some Fun At the Interactive Aquarium

If you are in fact traveling with little ones, then this is an excellent opportunity to take a break from the hot sunshine and get an up close and personal look at some of the beautiful marine life at Cancun’s Interactive Aquarium. You and the kids will enjoy the many touch tanks, dolphin swims and exciting shark feedings while there.

Spend A Night Out On The Town

If you do not have to worry about any kids while on vacation and are looking to enjoy a night out on the town, Cancun will far from disappoint. If dancing, conga lines, acrobats and live performances are what you are after, then head to Coco Bongo for all of that and so much more. If you want a more relaxed atmosphere, you will be glad to know there are plenty of beachside and in-town bars that are ready and willing to serve you up a mean margarita.


Fathers and Sons

Stan and FamilyStan Loomis has always been a family man. He travels the world on countless trips per year with his five children and his wife, and truly appreciates the importance of a strong family bond. More than this, a strong general bond with your family, begins and is founded upon one-on-one bonds between family members. This is one of the best lessons that he has learned as a son, a parent, a family member; and one that he tries to practice every day. Being a proud parent to both daughters and sons, Stan Loomis readily recognizes that there is some obvious distinction between the two, and one that he works to make better in practice every day. He understands the importance of a father- son relationship and how beneficial the special bond he shares with his own sons is to his family.  Stan Loomis knows that it isn’t easy to make sure the father-son bond is strong at any age, so he offers some tips to fathers.


1.       Know the Impact You Have: First, and foremost, as a dad to a son (or even daughter), a father must recognize that the impact they have on their children-at every age-is a strong one and always will be. This is why you always must be aware of what you say and do, and be gentle in reproach and congratulatory in praise.

2.       Listen to Them: As a father, as a parent, your first duty is to keep your children safe. The second, is to listen to them. Listening makes them feel as important as they are, as well as lets them know they can tell you anything, anytime, and ask advice.

3.       Find Shared Hobbies/Interests: Even the most seemingly different sons and fathers can find a middle ground of interests that they can agree on. It could be as simple as a genre of movie or a type of sandwich, but finding it, gives you two something that you can do or enjoy together-memories that you can share.

Sailboat vs. Powerboat


Powerboat vs. Sailboat

Stan Loomis weighs in on the controversial debate about sailboats and powerboats.

Stan Loomis and his wife have many hobbies, including motorcycling, traveling, and boating.

In fact, they are able to charter their yacht to many of their favorite travel destinations. With years of experience, Stan Loomis is a skilled captain and provides his blog followers with frequent tips about chartering a yacht.

When it comes to choosing between a sailboat or speedboat Stan encourages all to consider the pros and cons of each, especially when it comes to the environmental impact.

According to the article, Sailboat or Powerboat, sailing and operating a speedboat are vastly different experiences, both of which have their own appeals and drawbacks.

Although learning to sail can be intimidating at first, getting caught up by big gusts can be prevented with a little practice. Traditional sailboats can reach speeds of only eight miles per hour, which adds to the appeal for many sailors. Chartering a sailboat is more about the experience rather than reaching a destination. Though nautical talk can be overwhelming, Stan Loomis believes the process is what makes it so rewarding. Learn more about Stan Loomis and his interests on expertfile.

Perhaps the biggest draw to powerboats over sailboats is time and speed.

You can quickly and easily navigate to various locations without worrying about becoming stranded due to lack of wind. For many families with kids, it is often all about the destination and getting there as quickly as possible. It is also much safer, as sailboats run the risk of capsizing in powerful winds. Downsides, however, include major fuel costs and poor environmental impact from the engines.

While there is no perfect craft to satisfy everyone’s wants and desires, sailing holds a certain edge when it comes to remaining in tune with the environment and being powered by natural elements. Stan Loomis encourages potential boat buyers to first consider what they want from the experience and then test each option for themselves!

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Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea FishingStan Loomis has many hobbies, such as chartering his yacht and deep sea fishing.

Deep sea fishing is a very adventurous sport that is not only fun, but also economically beneficial. By going out to the deeper waters, a fisherman is exposed to a new pool of deep sea fish that require deeper and more open water to feed- and they will definitely put up a fight! To be considered deep sea fishing territory, the water must be at least 30 meters deep.

The article General Fishing Tips for Deep Ocean Fishing offers firsthand information that Stan Loomis believes is most helpful for a successful fishing trip.

The right equipment- heavy equipment such as reels, rods, nets, tackles, and lines are necessary for deep sea fishing. As Tuna, mackerel, marlin, sharks, swordfish, red herring, and kingfish are the most common catch, the equipment should hold a minimum of 30 pounds.

Live bait- When choosing bait, it is important to offer kinds that bigger fish typically feed on. This may mean researching the preying habits and habitat of large fish. Mackerel herring, lungworms, threadfin, hermit crabs, and pilchards are the usually the best option.

No scents or perfumes- Soaps, sunscreens, and other scents are sure to keep the fish as far as possible, so it is important to use non scented soaps before baiting. Furthermore, try to handle the bait as little as possible.

Experienced tour operator- The most important advice is to choose a reputable guide, as deep sea fishing can be very dangerous. Safety is the number one concern and no one should be put at risk because of neglected safety precautions. Ask for credentials, permits, insurances, and any questions that will put you at ease.

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Benefits of an Active Family

BVI Boat Trip

The Loomis boys are enjoying the ocean air as they share in their father’s boating hobby.

Stan Loomis and his wife are outdoor enthusiasts who take advantage of every opportunity to connect with nature.

Whether it is boating, vacationing, hiking, or bike riding, the Loomis’ strive to set a healthy example for their growing children, and promotes a path to a healthier lifestyle.

Many of their adventures can be found on Stan Loomis’ blog.

Let’s Move! is an initiative to solve childhood obesity. According to Michelle Obama, who began this program, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled in the past three decades. Unfortunately, if this problem is not solved, nearly one third of children born in 2000 or later will face chronic obesity-related health issues. This may include high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, and asthma.

Let’s Move! recognizes that everyone has a role to play if we hope to reduce childhood obesity. This includes parents, who should provide a healthy example for their children. One way to do this is by engaging in physical activity as a family. Studies show that children who feel supported by their families to become active are likely to be more active.

Combined with healthy eating, physical activity can help prevent a range of diseases and can help control weight, promote muscle development, and reduce stress. Let’s Move! recommends children have 60 minutes of play every day to develop a healthy weight.

A few activities and steps are provided on the official website that can guide families on their path to a healthier lifestyle. Some activities include:

  • Encourage children to join a sports team or try a new physical activity.

  • Walk around the neighborhood after a meal together.

  • Limit TV time and keep the TV out of a child’s bedroom.

  • Volunteer with after school programs or sports teams.

  • Find time to spend together doing a fun activity, whether it’s a day at the park, swimming, or biking.


How to Charter a Yacht

Charted the Aurora

Stan Loomis chartered this boat in March 2014.

As evident by his Pinterest page, Stan Loomis and his wife have traveled to many picturesque destinations. The couple was in a position to travel to many of their favorite vacation spots via yacht, which Stan Loomis is very skilled at chartering. With years of experience in this particular area, he is able to provide useful tips about chartering a yacht to his blog followers.

Stan Loomis recognizes that not everyone has the opportunity to their own yacht, and recommends rentals instead.

Even with very little knowledge of sailing, anyone can rent a boat to sail to hidden coves and secluded dive spots. No official certification is required, only a list of experience (if any), and an onboard briefing and Q&A session. Armed with this information, the company will decide what boat is best and what size. If an individual is vastly under qualified, the company will recommend a skipper to join the trip.

According to, most rental require a rental period of five to seven days. Prices for renting will vary depending on the size of the boat, its age, amenities, and staff. A typical rental ranges from 32 to 52 feet. With up to 12 passengers, bareboating can start with prices as low as $50 per person per night, and reach $200 a night per person.

After dropping anchor in a cozy cove, many sailors spend the day swimming, catching fish, and utilizing the grill aboard the yacht.

Stan Loomis also advises new sailors to maintain their distance from other yachts, as a main point of chartering is privacy.

Over the course of the weekly rental, parties can also spend time snorkeling or exploring shops, beaches, restaurants, and bars at other ports.

Stan Loomis and his wife recommend chartering to the British Virgin Islands, their favorite travel destination. Learn more about Stan by visiting his Flavors.Me profile:

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Avid drum player Stan Loomis considers a trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with his kids to be one of his favorite vacations.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum is one of Cleveland’s top attractions and a memorable destination for Stan Loomis and his family.

When his kids were younger, Stan Loomis remembers walking through the museum, dedicated to archiving the history of the world’s best musical talents.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation was created in 1983 and began inducting artists in 1986. At this time, the Hall of Fame still did not have a base location. Several cities were considered for the museum, including Memphis, Detroit, New York City, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. Ultimately, the organization chose Cleveland as the home of the museum, as it was once the home of Alan Freed, a disc jockey who coined the term ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ in the 1950’s. For this reason, Cleveland became the location of this popular museum, which traces the history and social context of rock music and artists throughout generations.

Since its opening, the Hall of Fame has hosted over 8.5 million visitors, impacting Cleveland’s economy for the better. Its existence has created more than 950 jobs, bringing in greater than $100 million a year.

There are several levels in the building that showcase exhibits on the roots of rock and roll, gossip, rhythm and blues, country, and bluegrass. In addition, exhibits on Memphis, London, Liverpool, San Francisco, Detroit, and other musical cities are showcased. Several of the greatest musicians of all time have their own personal exhibits, including The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and the Rolling Stones. Another floor hosts a stage for various events, and a section dedicated to contemporary artists called, “Right Here, Right Now.”

In 1997, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame added temporary exhibits into the mix. Some of the most popular temporary exhibits include, “I Want to Take You Higher: The Psychedelic Era, 1965,” “Elvis: The King of Rock and Roll,” and “Lennon: His Life and Work.”

As Stan Loomis has always had a passion for music, learning how to play the drums when he was a teenager, he thoroughly enjoyed studying artifacts and learning about a number of musical legends throughout the decades.

Want to learn more about Stan Loomis and his travels? Ask him a question on Quora, or view photos he has taken on these trips by following his Pinterest pins:

Disney Cruise

First Disney Cruise

Stan Loomis poses with his wife during their first Disney cruise.

Stan Loomis and his family have been on a number of Disney Cruises, mainly because they offer something for the entire family to enjoy.

At the enchanting youth clubs, the Loomis children were cared for by trained counselors, leaving Stan Loomis and his wife the opportunity to explore the ship on their own. The venues and activities created exclusively for adults 18 and older included:


Spa & Fitness

Each of the Disney Cruise Line ships feature an elegant salon, spa, and fitness center for rejuvenation and recreation. The couple’s favorite was the Senses Spa & Salon, which included 17 treatment rooms, two private Villas, a sauna, steam room, and relaxing atmosphere for guests. Stan Loomis’ wife enjoyed a manicure and relaxing full body massage.


The couple had a romantic dining experience amid an elegant atmosphere. The Northern Italian food at Palo boasts upscale cuisine and provides an excellent view of the ocean. Adding to the experience is a pianist who softly serenades diners.

Quiet Cove Pool

This pool is one of three aboard the ship and allows adults to cool off and mingle with one another.  To maximize relaxation, the pool also includes two whirlpools and 40 comfortable deck lounge chairs. Cocktails and snacks are served throughout the day, as well as games and activities hosted by Cast Members.

Nightclubs and Lounges

An array of nightclubs and lounges are offered on the ship where adults can mingle, dance, and listen to live music.

Stan Loomis’ favorite was Fathoms, a club that hosted different entertainment options nightly.

During the day, Fathoms is open to everyone, but at night, caters exclusively to adults. Live music, dancing, live shows, and even karaoke brought out a fun adult crowd and kept everyone entertained.

Live Shows

Stan Loomis was impressed with the Broadway quality musicals, specifically one titled “Twice Charmed: An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story.” The costumes, choreography, and music in the show were top quality and kept the Loomis’ attention for the entire 50 minutes.

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British Virgin Islands (BVI)

Stan Loomis on BVI Boat Trip

Stan Loomis often charters boats with his family to the British Virgin Islands.

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is the Loomis’ favorite vacation spot of all. They have racked up a total of thirteen trips and intend on many more.

One of the reasons Stan Loomis favors this destination is that he is able to visit the island via boat chartering.

He loves sailing his yacht and competing in multiple races that are held at the islands each year.

A few years ago, Stan Loomis took his wife and kids to BVI, where they experienced yet another memorable vacation.

The British Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean and contain more than fifty islands, not all of which are inhabited. The main islands include Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, and Jost Van Dyke.


Tortola is the largest of the islands and accounts for 80% of the BVI’s 25,000 citizens. The island was formed by volcanic activity and therefore consists of sharp peaks and mountains. In addition, minor earthquakes are common. Plentiful beaches make Tortola a popular destination for sailing, scuba diving, surfing, and other water sports. Stan Loomis found that the underdeveloped Josiah’s Bay provided the best surf without being too crowded.

Virgin Gorda

The plush lifestyle the island provides makes it the perfect location for billionaires and stars to settle down. The island is much less commercialized than the rest but still provides beautiful sights, restaurants, villas, and more. Stan Loomis enjoyed hiking over the giant granite rock formations of the Baths to Devil’s Bay.


This island has a desert style landscape that provides a unique, mysterious experience. Its name comes from the Spanish word “drowned,” as it has sunk more than 300 ships in the past. Stan Loomis loved diving on the shipwrecks and snorkeling in beautiful blue waters.

Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke is the smallest of the main islands and remains untouched by development. Still, more than 7,000 boats pass through the island’s port annually. Stan Loomis relished the relaxing atmosphere and free-spirited locals.

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