Boat Chartering

Boat Chartering

Stan Loomis enjoys chartering boats to the British Virgin Islands with his family.

Stan Loomis considers boat chartering to be one of his favorite hobbies.

He is able to enjoy when on vacation with his wife, Naomi, and their kids. In fact, he considers boat chartering to be his preferred method of travel and favorite way to vacation.

Stan Loomis has captained dozens of ocean yachts, including monohull (which have one hull, or body) and catamaran (which have two parallel hulls of equal size). Additionally, he has captained many power and sailboats. His favorite are large sailing yachts measuring 48 feet and up.

Stan Loomis also enjoys canoeing and rafting. One of his most memorable vacations as an adult was an opportunity to go white water rafting just below Victoria Falls in the Zambezi River and canoe down the Zambezi River for nine days. During that same trip, he also went on safaris for several weeks in South Africa and adjoining countries via a Land Rover. His love of traveling began at an early age while living in Japan and having the opportunity to travel to other countries.

Family Boat Trip

Stan Loomis and his family have traveled to many countries by boat.

Stan Loomis enjoys experiencing life through travel and has instilled that same passion for traveling in his family.

He has chartered boats on many of the 13 trips the Loomis family has taken to the British Virgin Islands, their favorite vacation destination. Other memorable international trips include a sightseeing tour in Rome, Italy, and time spent in Cancun, Mexico.

Notable domestic vacation destinations include:

  • Vail, Colorado: Home of some of the best skiing on the West Coast.

  • Napa, California: Stan and his wife attended many wine tastings while traveling through wine country.

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