About Stan Loomis


Stan Loomis riding his motorcycle with friends during Bike Week in Daytona Beach.

Stan Loomis while growing up, he was an avid baseball player but he considered his real passion to be music. He learned how to play drums and percussion instruments at just 11 years old and later went on to play in multiple bands.


Stan Loomis attended Oak Ridge High School in 1969 and then enrolled at Gulf Coast College in Panama City, Florida. His original plan was to become a commercial pilot but he reconsidered these plans in 1970 as the Vietnam War raged on. He ended up transferring to  Valencia College, where he completed his Associate in Science. Next, Stan Loomis attended Florida State University and then Florida A&M University to earn his Bachelors degree.

Stan Loomis on his motorcycle.

Stan Loomis on his first motorcycle.


Stan Loomis has been married to his wife, Naomi, for 13 years and the two do everything together: business and vacation.

They often travel to domestic and international destinations with their seven kids. Stan’s other favorite hobbies include wine tastings, boat chartering, and riding his motorcycle.

Learn more about Stan Loomis on his flavors.me page or by following him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/stanloomis