Big Bad Wolf

Stan Loomis has many hobbies including riding his fully customized 2010 Big Dog Wolf (above)

Stan Loomis has  a wide range of hobbies that keep him busy in his spare time. One hobby he embraced at a young age is music.


Stan Loomis is also an avid motorcycle rider, always riding alongside his wife Naomi.

The two regularly travel to local biker events with their favorite events being Daytona Beach’s Bike Week and Biketoberfest. Bike Week takes place over nine days in March and features a wide range of motorcycle displays, races, and activities, while Biketoberfest occurs over a four-day weekend in October. Attendees are able to enjoy motorcycle rallies and shows, live music, and manufacturer showcases. Stan Loomis and his wife both ride choppers, with Stan’s bike being a fully customized 2010 Big Dog Wolf.


Stan Loomis began playing the drums and other percussion instruments at just 11 years old. While he was at Oak Ridge High School, he joined the school’s band and also was part of multiple rock bands in the area. At one point he was considered the best rock band drummer in Central Florida. His work as a musician served as his primary source of income while completing his Associate in Science at Valencia College. Later on, he learned how to play the five-string banjo and guitar, and still has an impressive guitar collection.

Stan playing drums

Stan Loomis in a storefront playing drums at age 11.


Stan Loomis and his wife do everything together, from running businesses to vacationing overseas.

The Loomis family regularly travels to the Caribbean, usually by boat, and has visited the British Virgin Islands 13 times. This network of more than 50 islands in the Caribbean is home to a number of historical landmarks, as well as a number of famous boat races including The Spring Regatta.

Other notable vacation destinations include Rome, Italy; Cancun, Mexico; Las Vegas, Nevada; Napa, California; Amelia Island  and Vail, Colorado.

Stan Loomis is also an avid reader. Find out which books he has read on Shelfari or find out what he is reading currently on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/stanloomis