How to Charter a Yacht

Charted the Aurora

Stan Loomis chartered this boat in March 2014.

As evident by his Pinterest page, Stan Loomis and his wife have traveled to many picturesque destinations. The couple was in a position to travel to many of their favorite vacation spots via yacht, which Stan Loomis is very skilled at chartering. With years of experience in this particular area, he is able to provide useful tips about chartering a yacht to his blog followers.

Stan Loomis recognizes that not everyone has the opportunity to their own yacht, and recommends rentals instead.

Even with very little knowledge of sailing, anyone can rent a boat to sail to hidden coves and secluded dive spots. No official certification is required, only a list of experience (if any), and an onboard briefing and Q&A session. Armed with this information, the company will decide what boat is best and what size. If an individual is vastly under qualified, the company will recommend a skipper to join the trip.

According to, most rental require a rental period of five to seven days. Prices for renting will vary depending on the size of the boat, its age, amenities, and staff. A typical rental ranges from 32 to 52 feet. With up to 12 passengers, bareboating can start with prices as low as $50 per person per night, and reach $200 a night per person.

After dropping anchor in a cozy cove, many sailors spend the day swimming, catching fish, and utilizing the grill aboard the yacht.

Stan Loomis also advises new sailors to maintain their distance from other yachts, as a main point of chartering is privacy.

Over the course of the weekly rental, parties can also spend time snorkeling or exploring shops, beaches, restaurants, and bars at other ports.

Stan Loomis and his wife recommend chartering to the British Virgin Islands, their favorite travel destination. Learn more about Stan by visiting his Flavors.Me profile:

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