Vacationing in Cancun, Mexico

Stan Loomis has been an avid traveler all his life. He enjoys going on vacation with his family and exploring the world around him. One of his favorite destinations he has visited is Cancun, Mexico.

Cancun | Stan Loomis

As one of the top vacation destinations throughout all of Mexico, filled to the brim with endless activities to partake in, glorious beaches to spend hours at, and an array of incredible restaurants and nightlife opportunities, it is no wonder why so many people head to Cancun, Mexico year after year. Whether you are traveling as a couple, with a group of friends or with your entire family, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy in Cancun. The following are some ideas on what to fill your days with next time you find yourself in this beautiful resort town:

Explore Chichen Itza

If one of your goals while in Cancun is to get a better feel for its rich history and heritage, then you will not want to miss out on an exploration of Chichen Itza. It serves as a large Mayan archeological site as well as one of the most notable landmarks of the Yucatan.

Dig Your Toes In The Sand

If the beaches of Cancun are not already on your list, then make sure to add them right away. Turquoise waters and soft sand paired with the perfect climate will have you relaxed and soaking up that hot Mexican sun in no time at all. If you want to do more than just that, head into the water and enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and even jet skiing! Head to Playa Delfines to get away from the crowds or enjoy some local company at Playa Tortugas.

Have Some Fun At the Interactive Aquarium

If you are in fact traveling with little ones, then this is an excellent opportunity to take a break from the hot sunshine and get an up close and personal look at some of the beautiful marine life at Cancun’s Interactive Aquarium. You and the kids will enjoy the many touch tanks, dolphin swims and exciting shark feedings while there.

Spend A Night Out On The Town

If you do not have to worry about any kids while on vacation and are looking to enjoy a night out on the town, Cancun will far from disappoint. If dancing, conga lines, acrobats and live performances are what you are after, then head to Coco Bongo for all of that and so much more. If you want a more relaxed atmosphere, you will be glad to know there are plenty of beachside and in-town bars that are ready and willing to serve you up a mean margarita.


Fathers and Sons

Stan and FamilyStan Loomis has always been a family man. He travels the world on countless trips per year with his five children and his wife, and truly appreciates the importance of a strong family bond. More than this, a strong general bond with your family, begins and is founded upon one-on-one bonds between family members. This is one of the best lessons that he has learned as a son, a parent, a family member; and one that he tries to practice every day. Being a proud parent to both daughters and sons, Stan Loomis readily recognizes that there is some obvious distinction between the two, and one that he works to make better in practice every day. He understands the importance of a father- son relationship and how beneficial the special bond he shares with his own sons is to his family.  Stan Loomis knows that it isn’t easy to make sure the father-son bond is strong at any age, so he offers some tips to fathers.


1.       Know the Impact You Have: First, and foremost, as a dad to a son (or even daughter), a father must recognize that the impact they have on their children-at every age-is a strong one and always will be. This is why you always must be aware of what you say and do, and be gentle in reproach and congratulatory in praise.

2.       Listen to Them: As a father, as a parent, your first duty is to keep your children safe. The second, is to listen to them. Listening makes them feel as important as they are, as well as lets them know they can tell you anything, anytime, and ask advice.

3.       Find Shared Hobbies/Interests: Even the most seemingly different sons and fathers can find a middle ground of interests that they can agree on. It could be as simple as a genre of movie or a type of sandwich, but finding it, gives you two something that you can do or enjoy together-memories that you can share.