Kids in Anaheim

Stan Loomis took his kids to Pirate’s Dinner Adventure.

When his kids were little, Stan Loomis took them on a memorable trip to Anaheim.

Most of their trip was spent visiting theme parks but they also recall a memorable dinner at Pirate’s Dinner Adventure.

The family enjoyed watching stunt performers, actors, and singers while aboard a replicated 18th century ship. Six additional ships sit in the audience, each accompanied by a pirate mascot. Stan Loomis and the kids enjoyed the dinner show and hoped they would be one of the audience members chosen to play a role. Although they weren’t picked, they still had a great time! After the show, the family was able to select one of two dinner options, both of which were very appealing.

One of the best theme parks Stan Loomis and the kids visited was Disneyland & Disney’s California Adventure.

Some of the thrill rides that kept the family on their toes include Indiana Jones Adventure, Space Mountain, and the family favorite, Splash Mountain. This flume ride consisted of several dips and even a five story waterfall!  Unknowingly, Stan Loomis sat in the front and was soaked during the plummet.  Luckily, the California sun dried him off in no time!

At dusk, the family made their way to a spectacular night show called “World of Color.” Here, scenes from Disney and Pixar films play across a giant 19,000 square-foot screen. To add to the excitement, 1,200 fountains shoot water hundreds of feet into the air, accompanied by music, fog, fire, and lasers. The 28 minute show is held on a water screen in Paradise Bay and is a show to remember for all ages as it combines both past and contemporary Disney films.  Stan Loomis even bought his kids Mickey Mouse ears that flash and change colors to correspond with the beat of the World of Color show.

Although the kids have strong recollections about the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, and visiting the various theme parks, Stan Loomis was just happy for a chance to spend quality time with his children.

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