Napa Valley

Stan in Wine Country

Stan Loomis took a trip to Napa Valley with his wife to take part in wine tastings.

Napa, California is the 100th largest city in California, first settled in the 1830s before officially becoming a city in 1872. By the dawn of the 20th century, Napa became the primary economic and business center for the Napa Valley area. Much of the banking, commercial, retail, and light industry growth took place within the city of Napa while the surrounding areas developed an interest in agriculture and wine. Today, Napa Valley is one of the world’s premier travel destinations.

The area’s breathtaking views are available year-round, with rolling hills dotting the landscape full of year-round vineyards and wineries. Napa Valley’s wineries in particular attract millions of wine aficionados each year, including Stan Loomis.

Napa Valley is one of nine San Francisco bay area counties most known for its wine industry. The area gained international respect in 1976 when Napa Valley winery Chateau Montelena won the “Judgment of Paris”, a blind taste test comparing California wines and French wines. Napa Valley is currently home to more than 400 wineries.

Stan Loomis traveled to Napa, California with his wife to enjoy wine tasting through the area’s wineries.

Of the nearly 400 wineries located within the area, 95% are family-owned and operated. The Napa Valley region is home to more world-acclaimed wineries than any other region in North America. As an avid wine taster and motorcycle rider, Stan Loomis enjoyed exploring the countryside with his wife and toured many of the region’s wineries while participating in wine tastings.

While the wineries in Napa Valley entice many a traveler, the area’s climate and natural scenery also make it an ideal getaway. Lodging options include quite bed-and-breakfasts, large hotels and resorts, and everything in between. Tourists are also able to take in many of the spas and mud baths in between wine tastings and trips to world-renowned restaurants such as the French Laundry.


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